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our 60ml of and 90ml of into a wine glass or. Add a splash of , stir gently and garnish with a couple of fat skewered on a toothpick.

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bolthole The Eastbury, Sherborne
What makes it unique? A very laid-back, homely atmosphere with accommodation in the main Georgian townhouse, Potting Shed rooms in the walled garden or in Eastbury Cottage. On the menu Chef Matthew Street values seasonality and quality, working with
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More Of Olia’s Favourite Ukrainian Ingredients
Similar to Italian lardo, it’s a kind of cured, salted pork fat. Sometimes we freeze it and just slice and eat with pickles and a shot of vodka. You can also use it as a cooking fat, or bash with garlic, salt and dill to stir through borscht at the v
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Loving Your Local
As the UK reopens, many of us have already dined al fresco in a pub garden or on a restaurant terrace, reconnecting with family, friends and colleagues over a glass and – at last – a meal not cooked by ourselves. Perhaps, as you soaked up the atmosph