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Kate Hawkings on... MONTEPULCIANO

I have something of a soft spot for Montepulciano. It reminds me of my far-distant youth, when eating out more often than not meant Pizza Express or a trad trattoria complete with over-sized pepper grinders and ready-grated parmesan that would make any

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How do I know when my starter is ready to use? Your starter will have nearly doubled in size and be really bubbly. If it isn’t like this it could be down to one of two reasons. Firstly, your starter culture isn’t strong enough yet – which means it l
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Wines To Try This Month
Strawberries and rose petals come together in this gorgeous English sparkler – a great aperitif or as a partner to the strawberry and elderflower eton mess on p30. Fresher and less jammy than many a merlot, this is juicy with plum and cherry fruit,
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Why You Should Buy Mixed Sized Eggs
Chickens don’t lay uniformly sized eggs, for example younger birds lay smaller eggs so this means that farms don’t have a steady supply of eggs of all one size. Larger eggs have come to be a standard in many recipes but they don’t need to be – even f