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y finishing second on stage one of the Tour de France, Trek-Segafredo’s Mads Pedersen became the first world

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Cycling Weekly4 min gelesenWorld
Dreaming Beyond The Barricades
Despite the blockaded Palestinian territory of Gaza being just 40km long with only one small hill, in the spring of 2018 cyclist Alaa al-Dali was on the brink of realising his greatest ambition as a cyclist – representing Palestine in the Asian Games
Cycling Weekly7 min gelesenPsychology
You Are A Real Cyclist
We tend to think of cycling as brilliantly accessible. It takes us on adventures, provides the backbone of our social life and, if you commute by bike, saves thousands on motoring expenses. But cycling is not always as accessible as we like to think,
Cycling Weekly3 min gelesenAutomotive
2021 Race Bike Showdown
What makes a top race bike? Well, of course there are the obvious considerations: high stiffness, low weight, good comfort and fast but stable handling – and in the last few years manufacturers have added aerodynamics to the list. But if you’re not f