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Tour de France 29 June, 1974

his is the start of the widely derided Plymouth stage of the 1974 Tour de France. Not quite a Grand Départ, the UK

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April Round-up
April’s challenge of taking a picture at a cycling cafe seemed to go down well with lots of our riders, although one in particular made it her mission to find the best venues for rest and refuelling. Nicola Simpson visited seven over the course of th
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How To… Compare Riders
Comparing riders from the same generation is what racing is for. Thankfully racing doesn’t work for making comparisons across different generations of rider, because if it did, cyclists would have almost no topics of conversation that they could sust
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Groenewegen Looking For That ‘Old Feeling’
Dylan Groenewegen said he just needed “to get that old feeling back, as well as my self-confidence”, after taking fourth place in stage two’s bunch sprint. Following a nine-month hiatus, imposed by the UCI for triggering the crash that left Fabio Jak