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he growing popularity of motorhomes and caravans in New Zealand has also seen a rise in

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Hopscotching Between Past & Present
Auckland to Kawhia › North Island 38.0447° S, 174.8280° E We watch the sun sink into the ocean from our very own sandy hot pool, our bottom halves simmering in hot water while top halves get a little chilly from the sea breeze. Only a handful of loca
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Book Reviews
Lynley Dodd RRP $19.99 Penguin Oh, that cheeky cat Slinky Malinki has got up to his usual tricks and meddled with the Christmas tree decorations. Count naughty Slinsky Malinki’s stolen Christmas tree items from 1–10. Keri Smith RRP $25 Penguin What i
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Make magical memories on the road in a quality motorhome from SmartRV, the exclusive New Zealand distributor of renowned motorhome brands Carado, Bürstner, and HYMER from German manufacturer Erwin Hymer Group. These brands are known worldwide for the