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Projecta Boosts RV/Caravan Power Management

The growing popularity of motorhomes and caravans in New Zealand has also seen a rise in the number of devices and conveniences connecting to the power supply … which can quickly drain the batteries or even overload them.

To help

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Happy New Year readers
Here we are at the end of 2020 as I write this mid-December to get it to the printers in time for distribution before they close down. It has been a big year, on so many levels and for everyone in the world. How strange is that to say and comprehend.
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Levin RV Centre
The Levin RV Centre cannot believe how busy it has been since the new team took over the business back in July 2018. With their Royal Flair brand moving ahead in the marketplace Levin RV Centre thought now would be a good time to update you on their
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Happy Holidays From The Electra-Safe Team
We all know how busy things can get over the holiday period. The last thing you want to do is rush to find somewhere that can do your EWOF. At Electra-Safe they want to make it very simple to book your EWOF, that’s why they’ve introduced their new EW