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Most chefs will tell you that they grew up loving food and began their culinary journey at a young age. The same is true for chef Jordy Navarra, except he did not grow up aspiring to be a professional in the industry. Eating and enjoying food was always an integral part of his happy memories in life, yes, but it was only after he learnt more about the ins and outs of the brutal, cutthroat and brilliant world of food that he says he got hooked. His fascination with culinary culture, cooking

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Beyond All Expectations
In 1921, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel commissioned perfumer Ernest Beaux to create a signature scent. The couturier considered the number five to be lucky and, as the story goes, she consequently chose the fifth sample of the fragrance, deciding to name i
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Tatler Report
It’s time to get creative with the way you wear your rings. Italian jewellery house Pomellato is known for its playful Nudo collection, which is set with numerous coloured gemstones, including amethyst and rose quartz. Sleek, sophisticated and clever
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The Legend
By now, even if the tears have dried, the memories must certainly still be alive—and will possibly stay this way for a long, long while. Such is the likely consequence in the passing of a legend. And on March 6 this year, a legend passed away, leavin