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HAVING COACHED at Gloucester in the early 2000s, I can’t help wondering why this great club has underachieved so much in recent times. Their wonderful fans deserve more success and the appointment of Alex King as attack coach may just spark a style of rugby that can bring trophies to Kingsholm.

King was an integral

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The Inside Line
Attacking kicks can be practised in a closed sense using tackle tubes as static defenders, with gaps between them to practise kick accuracy. Develop by using live defenders to put pressure on the kicker. Practise the timing of outside runners to avoi
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Matt Gallagher
MATT GALLAGHER had a secret on the day he played for Saracens against Munster in a Champions Cup group match at Thomond Park last December. There he was in front of 25,000 home fans and few, if any, knew he may soon be one of their own. “Outside of m
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Battle For No 1
GIVEN EVERYTHING that has happened in rugby since Covid came into our lives – the mass cancellation of fixtures, the financial turbulence and the mad scramble to survive – Scotland’s spring of discontent seems insignificant by comparison. In real tim