I’m in Turin, a couple of hours west of the epicentre. However, Italian bike racing history is my job and passion, and as such I know a lot of people in, about his win at Milan-San Remo. As I write he’s fighting for his life.

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UAE Emirates Joins The Superteams
The men’s WorldTour is officially a 19-team division. However, there’s a hierarchy, and you could roughly divide the teams into three categories - the superteams at the top, strugglers at the bottom, and everybody else in between. Through 2020, the s
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Bingoal-wallonie Bruxelles
Established 2011 2020 0 2019 5 2018 2 ■
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The Bigger Picture
Typically, in the weeks and months after a rider wins their first grand tour, they’ll be revelling in the celebrations that come with their newfound fame, making the most of the press, media exposure and opportunities. It’s understandable: winning a