ince the early 20th century, only war has prevented the biggest bike races in the world from going ahead. Apart from the

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EDITOR Putting together this, our season preview edition, is always one of the most fun jobs of the year. With the season, and its infinite possibilities, stretching before us, we can anticipate the clashes to come, along with a comforting mix of the
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Dylan Van Baarle
Where’s home? At the moment, Monaco. I’m from Zoetermeer, near Den Haag in Holland, in the west. What’s your favourite race? The Tour of Flanders, because of the spectators around the course. It’s a magic week in Belgium. From Sunday to Sunday they a
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Established 2016 Team Manager Ronny Lauke Bike Canyon Last year was disappointing for Canyon-Sram as they failed to record a single UCI ranked victory in 2020. Of course, the stunted season played a part, but while the riders scored a number of top-f