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Classic Scenes
It’s 1997, and the first of the commercially available electric cars gesturing a modern era are spreading out of smog-choked Los Angeles. Pictured here is the famous General Motors EV1, stopped at a gas station near Lancaster, just north of LA. Using
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Preview: Mathewsons, Online, February 5-6
Mathewsons hosts its first auction of the year next weekend, sticking to the original date of February 5-6 despite the country being in lockdown and other auction houses delaying their sales as a result. It looks set to be just as intriguing as ever
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A(gull)wing And Aprayer
Group Editor The date of January 21, 1981 has remained largely overlooked by historians of the British motor industry but in a post-Brexit era it has come to have renewed significance, since it was the day when the first DeLorean DMC-12 left the prod