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Hello and goodbye at IHGS

he Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies (IHGS) has announced that its principal Dr Richard

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Read on & see where these tales will take you The Song Of The Skylark by Liz Shakespeare Focussed on the lives of two pauper apprentices, brother and sister, Th omas and Mary Mitchell, the story is told through children’s eyes. On reading it, facts t
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6 Steps To Assessing A Record
To understand any set of records for a particular area, first take a step back to understand the genealogical landscape. Ask yourself: 1 What was going on in an area? 2 Who kept records and have they survived? 3 Are they primary records, describing e
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New Project To Capture Oral Histories Of People Stranded At Sea During The Pandemic
The announcement comes as the National Maritime Museum signed the Neptune Agreement as part of its commitment to supporting the maritime sector and seafarers today. Working with ITF Seafarers’ Trust and The Mission to Seafarers, testimony from across