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Explore 400 years of Worcestershire records

eleased in association with Malvern Family History Society, this is an ongoing project where high quality transcripts of

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Over 1 Million People Attended RootsTech Connect 2021
RootsTech Connect 2021 welcomed more than 1 million participants from 242 countries and territories at its completely virtual, online debut. Although the ‘event’ portion of the experience ran from 25 to 27 February, anyone can continue to create thei
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ARE YOU UP FOR AN 17th & 18th century adventure?
The collection comprised, Sue Paul explains, ‘1,000s of documents, in all stages of legibility, very many undated and unsigned. They were reorganised multiple times, donated and sold, and transferred between various repositories. Most are now held by
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Join us for House History Show
The House History Show will take place online 10am to 4.30pm GMT Saturday 15 May, presented by the leading team of UK House Historians. The full-day show, on 15 May, will be followed by an online house history lecture and presentation series through