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The More Than Oliver Twist Project
Photographs © The Workhouse Network Southwell Union Workhouse inmates mother and children around 1936 Starkly recorded in workhouse documentation, the lives of our poorer ancestors have been pieced together, gleaned from bureaucratic accounts, and –
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History Around Us
Our landscapes are filled with historic venues, some derelict, some very much in use today – but all shedding a valuable light on our ancestors’ lives, communities and worlds. If you have a historic attraction (be that your local 1930s Lido, the pari
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The Old Palace School Bombing
This is the account of the Bombing of the Old Palace School in St Leonard’s Street, Bow, London, during WW2 and the sad loss of 32 Firemen and 2 Firewomen who were tragically killed during this raid. This is still today, the largest ever loss of life