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Introducing ‘The Tallow Candle’

The motivation for starting a website project can come in many forms, much like why we each took that first step on our family history journey. While there will be commonality in our stories, each is unique and special to us. This is why we chose Karin Meek as our third website competition winner.

Karin is well-established as a family history researcher, having been discovering her ancestors’ stories for the past 25 years. Unsurprisingly, in that time, she’s been able to record more than 6,000 people across many generations and countries, with surnames including Abe, L’Oste and Probart as well as Meek. The latter is believed to stem from Le Mek, early occurrences of which have been found in York. Karin has used this research experience to good effect, running family history courses at a local college to inspire others and help

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