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Tips for searching genealogy websites Researching online: part 1

Once we’ve established a firm base for our research by getting as much information as possible from old family documents and relatives we can begin to embark on our journey of discovery. While you definitely can’t do it all online, it’s undeniable that the internet is now by far the best starting point.

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You’ll probably want to subscribe to one of the major genealogical sites, which, as far as the UK

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TheGenealogist has added more college and university registers into its expanding educational records collection, with an extra 250,000 individuals. This release includes records from England, Scotland, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand and even
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Further to George Rose’s Act 1812
George Rose had been a treasurer for the Navy but as early as 1809 began drawing up outlines for the introduction of an Act to improve parish registers, following on from the formalisation of forms, introduced by Lord Hardwicke in 1754, for the regis
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