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Take A Break Take All Rights.
Helen Stables, publisher for Take a Break magazine (Bauer) has contacted regular contributors to announce that, ‘from issue #10 this year (published in September 2020), both Take a Break Fiction Feast and Take a Break Monthly will be changing the bas
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Santa Montefiore
Santa Montefiore is a Sunday Times bestselling author. She sent out her first manuscript to agents under a pseudonym because her sister was the socialite Tara Palmer Tomkinson and Santa wanted her book to be accepted on its merits and not because of
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Novel Ideas Sticky labels
‘Lynne Hackles describes herself as a butterfly writer.’ I have said that so often. I like butterflies. They’re pretty but do I want to be one? It’s been used as a description of me at the end of articles and short stories because I’ve labelled mysel