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‘I hadn’t intended to write for at least three more years. My agent had been actively shopping my indie-published series for middle grade readers with no success. The market just wasn’t acquiring middle grade. My agent recommended we stop, suggesting I continue to publish the series on my own. I was disappointed… but only for a moment. She proposed a new plan, a redirection in both my writing

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The Globe Soup 2021 Short Story Competition invites entries of original, unpublished short stories up to 5,000 words in which the setting or location plays an important part. Any location may be considered but it must play a vital role in the story.
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Better writing NOW
I’ve been writing the Under the Microscope pieces for around ten years now and I’ve noticed certain patterns. Apprentice writers always struggle with the same things – sometimes for years. But imagine if you could solve all of those problems in one g
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Fatherly Feelings
Free-range writing is personal writing – no one else will ever read it, and that makes it a safe space for exploring topics that could spark strong emotions. Father’s Day falls in June and whatever your relationship with your own father or the men wh