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n the early 1990s, Michael Strauss <> was a full-time truck driver and amateur genealogist. Then his career took a dramatic U-turn. “A prestigious law firm contacted me and asked me to, essentially, do genealogy,” he says.

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Running Toward Home
Natalie Zett never felt she belonged anywhere, even among her family. That changed during the 1980s when the Cleveland native took a road trip. “The feeling started in Chicago,” she says. “The more I was in the Upper Midw
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Get Organized
In each issue, Your Turn offers a form that’ll help you preserve your family’s unique stories and organize your research. Tear out and use the form or make a photocopy. ■
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Security Measures
For years, Peggy Ash of Mesa, Ariz., tried to solve a family mystery. Her grandmother was a twin, but the two sisters’ tombstones have different birthdates—according to family story, the sister was born eight hours later, on the next day. For years,