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This page of the genealogy mega-directory has links to additional resources for reading old documents. You’ll

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DID YOUR ANCESTOR SERVE? You can consult a variety of documents stemming from military service or conscription, notably compiled military service records (CMSRs), muster records, pension applications and (for later conflcts) DD-214 forms. And even if
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“HISTORY REMEMBERS ONLY THE CELEBRATED. GENEALOGY REMEMBERS THEM ALL.” Laurence Overmire reflects on genealogy’s inclusive range of study in One Immigrant’s Legacy: The Overmyer Family in America, 1751–2009 (Indelible Mark Publishing). We at Family T
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Five-Step Research Plan Worksheet
A research plan helps you stay focused on accomplishing a specific objective—whether you’re researching your own family or someone else’s. Use this worksheet to map out the five key steps of a solid research plan that will save you time and produce c