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Agricolleges International: an ‘inspiring creation’

Agricolleges International (Agricolleges), a South African-based online agrieducation platform, has been named one of the top 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations (MIDI) of the year by Dutch organisation, Partos. Agricolleges offers a variety of online agricultural courses, from courses focused on business management

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How Soil Organisms Recycle Nutrients
The masses of organisms in healthy soil do far more than break down organic matter; they interact with each other in highly complex ways. Understanding something of these interactions could save you a lot of money on fertiliser. Among the organisms t
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Dragon Fruit: A Weapon To Fight Food Insecurity
Although he has long owned and operated a wood-turning business on his 1,5ha smallholding in KwaZulu-Natal’s Drummond area, Frikkie Adams has also spent years looking for an interesting, “but low-maintenance”, crop to experiment with as a hobby in hi