Tap into people s needs and listen to them

IN 2014, I QUIT MY JOB IN BANKING to start my own bank. Every other industry had responded to new technology and

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Cultivate Patience In The Quiet Times
LIFE SEEMS to fall into a lull at this time of year. No longer we long, balmy summer evenings, and the energy of autumn diminishes swiftly. Days have more darkness than light, and night seems to last forever. Our urge is to hibernate and eat comfort
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Winter Colour
A COUPLE OF WELL-PLACED winter flowers go a long way towards lifting the spirits. I like to have a handful of pots dotted about, ideally in sheltered spots with good light. The following suggestions work just as well to brighten up an empty border.
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‘I Married My Skills With My Principles’
I WAS A PE TEACHER in a state school when I decided to set up an ethical cleaning business in 2012. I had spent 12 years in teaching, while simultaneously being involved in campaigning against human trafficking. I could see there was a way to empower