The meaning of life? Sitting quietly

hen I was 15, I had to write an essay on “Time”. I wrote the whole piece about the fact that I didn’t have time to write it. Looking back, I think that was rather amusing, but my teachers clearly didn’t. Their attitude was more like: why haven’t you written

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Educating During A Pandemic: A Special Report
It’s exactly 12 months since schools were told to shut their gates to virtually all pupils and move to remote teaching as the nation went into lockdown. Back then, there was a sense that the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic couldn’t possibly last lon
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Is It Helpful To Talk About ‘Lost Learning’?
Professor Becky Francis, chief executive of the Education Endowment Foundation: “Learning” refers to a lasting change in pupils’ capabilities or understanding. It is the development of a broad range of knowledge and skills, from the academic to the s
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Why do we still play down the pandemic’s effect on teachers? At the start, the pandemic was personal. We saw the faces of those who died and the faces of those who had loved them. We saw the deep, red marks that personal protective equipment (PPE) ha