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Running throughout October you will find activities from many of the leading online talks and courses providers. As many of these are becoming increasingly popular, we are just including a flavour of their offerings – check the respective websites for full topic listings and availability, as some are becoming fully

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My Reflections
Over the past year all our lives have been turned upside down, some with more drastic and more tragic consequences than others. There have been some silver linings to these troubling times and there are chinks of light, and signs that the end of the
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Transcription Omission
The parish register for Cartmel, Lancashire, notes that a Richard Maychell or Wraysholme was buried on 5 August 1769, but the original memorandum book from which it was copied adds that he was a ‘lunatic; poison’d by eating nightshade berries’, which
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Read on & see where these tales will take you The Song Of The Skylark by Liz Shakespeare Focussed on the lives of two pauper apprentices, brother and sister, Th omas and Mary Mitchell, the story is told through children’s eyes. On reading it, facts t