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Running throughout October you will find activities from many of the leading online talks and courses providers. As many of these are becoming increasingly popular, we are just including a flavour of their offerings – check the respective websites for full topic listings and availability, as some are becoming fully

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AGI Elects Two New Fellows
At the recent Accredited Genealogists Ireland (AGI) annual general meeting, it was announced that AGI Members Máire Mac Conghail and Helen Kelly have been elected Fellows of the Association. Under its constitution, AGI may award Fellowship in recogni
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Further DNA News
Ancestry has decided to discontinue AncestryHealth in order to focus more on family history and genetic genealogy, it announced on 15 January. Calling the move a ‘strategic but difficult decision’, Ancestry told customers that AncestryHealth would no
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Got a story to share? Email MyHeritage has announced the release of Genetic Groups, allowing anyone who’s taken a MyHeritage DNA test to identify their ancestral origins in more than 2,000 regions Genetic Groups include de