Tell us about your protagonist.

Evey is 15, and along with her younger sister Dill has been raised in “the witching way” by

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Erik The Viking
EXTRAS RELEASED OUT NOW! 1989 | 15 | Blu-ray & DVD Director Terry Jones Cast Tim Robbins, Imogen Stubbs, Samantha Bond, John Cleese BLU-RAY DEBUT Though written and directed by Terry Jones and featuring John Cleese, Erik The Viking is not a Monty Pyt
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Regression Therapy
RUSSELL T DAVIES HAS returned to Doctor Who! And he’s brought the Daleks back! Except it’s in an alternative universe and it’s one scene in a much bigger, unmissable story. “He plays an actor in it and I had such fun with all his different jobs over
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RELEASED 4 FEBRUARY 389 pages | Hardback/ebook/audiobook Author Craig Russell Publisher Constable & Robinson Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde was inspired by a fever dream. What if it wasn’t? What if, instead, the au