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It’s not always on the menu at her Chauhan Ale & Masala judge shares that recipe and more vibrant odes to her native country in (Clarkson Potter). For (Running Press), the Atlanta chef Asha Gomez celebrates Southern ingredients and worldwide flavors: a Vidalia onion soup capped with Gruyère; a crawfish boil perfumed with cumin and saffron. The North Carolina chef and TV personality Vivian Howard provides pep talks aplenty in (Voracious), as well as the Little Green Dress sauce she plops on everything from deviled eggs to pizza, and other can-do recipes such as Worth-the-Hype Pimento Cheese.

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Austin, Texas $89; Lisa Davis, the founder of the Austin, Texas, handbag company Hampton Road Designs, has an accessories closet that would make a fashion editor envious. “I gravitate toward purses and jewelry and shoes,” Davi
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Bare Necessities
PARTLY INSPIRED BY THE 77,000 MILES OF BIODIVERSE RIVER systems flowing in Alabama, Katherine Tucker conceived Civil Stoneware’s minimalist tableware as an homage to the earth. Tiny decorative dishes, for instance, dubbed Little Cahaba Bowls, incorpo
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The Stuff of Legend
“Being with Julian,” i.e., Julian P. Van Winkle III, whose bourbon “Pappy” you might have heard about, “made me think about craft in America,” writes the Mississippi-based journalist Wright Thompson in his new book, Pappyland: A Story of Family, Fine