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What exactly is blood doping?

lood doping as a method of performance enhancement gives a recognised physiological advantage to the athlete. It

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Cycling Weekly3 min gelesen
October, a month which for me normally means holidays and no bike riding. This year around it may be slightly more intense – I’m gearing up for the most important part of my year, the Classics. It’s been a long year with the delay in racing forcing t
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Cycling 28 September 1974
The Skol 6 at Wembley was big news back in the Seventies, with the race taking sole position on the front cover. Briton Tony Gowland led at this stage, partnered by German Sigi Renz. Gowland was a six-day specialist and had won the event in ’72, ridi
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My Riding
Everything about the Daccordi carried me off in my mind to beautiful Tuscany, where it was made by hand. The club run skirting the Surrey Hills to Petworth was transformed into a wondrous voyage through the Apennines to Pisa, with just the usual Engl