Your Pregnancy

Salts of the earth

“Nat Sulph and Kali Mur can safely help to counteract morning sickness.”

Remember the old wives’ tale about losing a tooth to gain a child? It certainly makes sense, in that in past eras calcium and other minerals may not have been readily available, and Mother Nature raids your reserves in order to service the requirements of your pregnancy.

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Your Pregnancy1 min gelesenMedical
Back-care Tips
1 Enroll in a prenatal exercise class that focuses on building the strength and suppleness of the pregnant body. 2 Change your environment to ease the workload on your back. 3 Think posture, posture and posture all the time. 4 Massage is a wonderf
Your Pregnancy3 min gelesen
Can The Chiro Help?
Q My baby is 3 weeks old, and I can sense that colic is going to be a thing! I’ve been there and got the T-shirt with my previous child. Basically nothing helped and we had to ride it out. Only recently I heard from friends that a chiropractor could
Your Pregnancy2 min gelesenCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Must-have Recipes
• 500g tomatoes (preferably roma/plum)• 1t sugar• 1t salt• 1t molasses• 10 basil leaves• 1clove garlic• 1t ground cumin• salt and pepper to taste 1 Preheat oven to 180˚C. 2 Cut the tomatoes into quarters and put them on a baking tray. 3 Sprinkle w