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he committee of the International Gundog League (IGL) Retriever Society has decided to cancel the 2020 IGL Retriever Championship due to COVID-19. The event was due

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Engineering: 10/10 This gun has been well thought through and is built to last. The engineering of the loadbearing surfaces in a way they can be replaced has been well designed and completed. Looks and finish: 9/10 If you’re looking for a gun with bl
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Mercedes-Benz GLS
The Mercedes-Benz GLS is one of those cars that has sold fairly well globally but is virtually unknown in the UK. With the exception of a few black-with-black-glass-and-black-wheels AMG jobs that you occasionally see round the back of Harrods, I’m no
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Facts And Fury
Wild controversy sprung up around the subject of mountain hares in 2020. Amid accusations that gamekeepers were driving hares to extinction through culls, campaigners fought to have these animals protected in Scotland. Lurid headlines and some ugly v