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EVER wonder where your body gets its energy from, or what happens to that cheese toastie after you’ve eaten it? We get energy for playing, running and even learning from the food we eat.

The body absorbs the nutrients it needs to function

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Pic Of The Week
A worker at the Bin Salman farm in Taif, Saudi Arabia, sits among pink Damascena roses. People enjoy the fresh fragrance of the flowers which bloom in spring and grow in the western part of the desert country. The blooms are also used to produce rose
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‘Our Family Is Broken’
MBILWI Secondary School was known for making headlines around South Africa because of how often it achieved a 100% matric pass rate. That’s why Joseph Mavhunga wanted his clever lastborn child to attend the school in Sibasa, Limpopo – so she could se
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Word Of The Week
This term applies to many different plants and animals occurring or living in one place. Biodiversity can be broken down into two words: biological diversity. Biological refers to living things and diversity means “many” and “different”. Pollution an