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The Dorset Meat Company delivers produce from local, small-scale farms, including grass-fed, dry-aged beef from Dexter and Ruby Red cattle. £79.95/12 steaks, thedorsetmeatcompany.co.uk


Stay stylish in the kitchen with this 100% cotton Thornback &

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The Levain
The starter is ready but in order to make a loaf you need to make a levain. This is done by taking some of your starter and feeding it in order to bake with. By doing this separately you ensure that you never accidentally use all of your starter. Rem
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3 Ways With Soft Cheese
1 HOUR 25 MINUTES + SOAKING + COOLING | SERVES 8-10 | EASY spiced rum 100mlmixed peel 100g, choppedsultanas 100gglacé cherries 100g, choppedstem ginger 4 balls, choppedunsalted butter 150g, softenedgolden caster sugar 150geggs 2self-raising flour 1
Olive Magazine2 min gelesenRegional & Ethnic
Made using 100% British chicken, they are high in protein and just 161 calories per sausage. Not only are they chunky and perfectly seasoned to give a great savoury flavour, they’re also gluten free. Perfect for sausage fans who don’t want to comprom