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Brioche is an enriched bread from France, typically eaten for breakfast or dessert, or as a pastry-like snack. Its uniquely rich flavour and fluffy texture come from the addition of eggs and butter to the dough mixture, as well as milk and sugar. This recipe is straightforward, it just requires a little patience while you wait for the yeast to do its good work raising the dough. The resulting bacon and chive buns, loaded with crispy bacon,

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Here Come The Home Chefs
• Late 2020 saw the launch of several platforms – Bristol’s All About the Cooks (AATC, allaboutthecooks.co.uk), Northampton’s GRUBie (grubie.co.uk) and London’s NoshyCircle (facebook.com/noshycircle) – that connect hungry diners with amateur cooks (a
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Classic Sourdough
This is when the magic of sourdough happens – the shaggy, lumpy dough will soon become smooth, shiny and stretchy. You need to encourage the dough with your hands but sourdough is a no-knead bread – when left to ferment, the gluten bonds will align t
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The Starter
One of the most important elements in baking sourdough at home is having a good starter. You may have heard stories of people jealously guarding and nurturing their starter, naming it, carefully feeding it and controlling the temperature and environm