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ong before I fell for professional cycling, I’d had a soft spot for it. I distinctly remember on a family caravan holiday in eastern France in 2002, stumbling across the final Tour de France time trial in Mâcon and cheering on Lance Armstrong. We’ve all done things we are embarrassed about. He was all set to seal his fourth consecutive yellow jersey and had become a true cross-over star - he

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Cycling Plus1 min gelesen
66 miles A full day of hills and scenery. Ride along lovely Itchen valley, then to West Meon (cafe) and a climb up Old Winchester Hill to enjoy fine views. Then on to pretty East Meon and a stiff climb to Butser Hill’s panorama. Downhill to Hambledon
Cycling Plus8 min gelesen
Cross Purposes
Shortly after consuming a full Welsh breakfast in the busy dining room of my hilltop hotel, I’m cycling through a dramatic cauldron of mountains, lakes and waterfalls, and wondering where the rest of the human race has disappeared to. Never mind, I t
Cycling Plus4 min gelesenAutomotive
Vitus Zenium Tiagra
WE SAY… Carbon frame, carbon forks, disc brakes, good finishing kit… what more could you expect for the price? For the last few years, the standard £1000 road bike has had an aluminium frame, carbon fork and a Shimano 105 groupset with caliper rim br