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Light-bulb MOMENTS


Longer nights signal that it’s time to make your home cosy, and layering your lighting will do just that. Far from a finishing touch, lighting is integral to the success of your room’s design. Think about ambient, accent and task lighting, with overhead, floor, table or wall lamps, so you can soften the mood when you

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Project Profile
Owners Megan and Nick Parkin live here. Their two children have left home, but are frequent visitors. House A four-bedroom, 19th-century, former grain mill in a small village near Winchester, Hampshire. Project A modern extension made way for a b
Country Homes & Interiors2 min gelesenEconomics
When there is genuine synergy between kitchen-maker and homeowner, the results speak for themselves, and this beautifully curated kitchen is a great case in point. ‘We had an idea to create an eclectic space that didn’t necessarily look like a kitche
Country Homes & Interiors1 min gelesen
Buying Carpets
■ CONSIDER THE ROOM and your family circumstances. A bedroom, for example, takes far less wear than a stair carpet. ■ IF YOU CHOOSE A RUNNER… Leave between 5-15cm of sub-floor exposed either side of it for the best look. ■ A PROFESSIONAL CARPET INSTA