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What’s next for Yates?

here’s no hiding the fact: the Giro is Yates’s current obsession. “I prefer the Giro,” he says. But at some point, one would expect him

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CW’s Favourite VO2max Sessions
■ 6x 3min @Z5 ■ Recovery between efforts: 3min @Z1, starting all-out before settling into the effort ■ How many? Start with four (12 minutes total) and work up to eight (24 minutes total) ■ 1x (30s @140% FTP, 2min @100%, 30sec @140%, 2min @100%, 2min
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Dr Hutch
I’ve always felt that one of the most important things I want from training is that it works very quickly. Ideally, instantly. It’s not so much that I want an interval session to make me fitter by tomorrow, really what I want it to do is make me fitt
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Re-fuelling Rice Cakes
Bean says: “If you’re tired of sweet, sticky gels and energy bars, then these tasty rice cakes are a healthy alternative. They are high in carbohydrate but lower in sugar than manufactured sports snacks. You can also add sultanas, dried apple, ground