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Gâteau aux noix SERVES 6-8 200g (7oz) unsalted butter, softened200g (7oz) sugar1 vanilla pod, split lengthways with a small sharp knife4 large free-range eggs200g (7oz) plain flour125g (4½oz) walnut pieces, groundwalnut halves, to decorate 100g (3½oz
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Christmas Snowman Cupcake
YOU WILL NEED • cupcakes• buttercream• 50-60g (1¾-2oz) sugarpaste• edible glue• food colouring (use colours of your choice)• edible pen • circle cutter• paintbrush• palette knife• rolling pin• pizza cutter• stitching tool• small sharp knife 1 Roll ou
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“We're On Hand To Help And Inspire You This Christmas!”
Christmas is edging closer, so if you're looking for creative recipe inspiration for the big day, homemade edible gifts for friends and family, or simply something sweet to fuel your Christmas present-wrapping session, Baking Heaven is on hand to hel