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is an unusual new magazine whose editorial team work around the theme of creative writing ‘in, around, and about science, scientists, and the interaction

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All Forms Of Writing Invited
The eighth annual Christopher Hewitt Award is open to entries of fiction, poetry, drama and creative non fiction. The contest honours the first literary editor of A&U magazine and aims to ‘showcase outstanding responses to the AIDS pandemic and the r
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Spring cleaning PART 2
Sometimes it is the little things which can make the biggest difference. Relatively small changes can help transform a story and take your writing to a new level, helping it stand out in the slushpile. In this mini-series we look at ten areas you can
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How do you know you’re a writer? The question comes up time and time again, primarily because, to wildly generalise, we writers are a neurotic bunch. The answer should be simple. Work in a bank? You are a banker. Paint houses? You are a house painter