Look up at the night sky. Do you see the moon shining?

The moon looks as if it changes shape from night to night. But it doesn’t. It doesn’t even shine by itself. All it does is

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Beatrice Black Bear
The World’s Best Caboose Photographer By John Grandits Illustrated by Paige Billin-Frye ■
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At the Freight Yard
Have you ever waited at a railroad crossing for a freight train to go by? Trains can be 200 cars long, and every car might be carrying something different—corn, milk, TVs, bicycles, steel, sheep, shoes, you name it. Cars going to the same place are
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Fish Eggs
Skates lay eggs in hard rectangular cases often nicknamed mermaid’s purses. The spiky horns on the ends help anchor the case on the seafloor. Skates and rays are flattened fish that are closely related to sharks. Usually called a spotted ray, the fis