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All you need to know about real estate

there’s something about investing in property that seems to pull at our heartstrings: property, housing and home. There are myriad dimensions of property investments that can confound even the most seasoned asset manager. To begin with, investors would be right to be confused about what kind of asset it actually is. Is it equity-like? Or bond-like? Is it a diversifier or highly correlated to some other asset class? Is it liquid or illiquid, volatile or stable? Does it require high or low maintenance as an investment?

The answer is: it depends. There’s a property-related investment for every permutation identified above. So, let’s get a bit more insight into the basics here, and hopefully introduce you to some aspects about investing in property, housing or homes that you may not have considered. Just note: this Property 101 discussion will

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SME Checklist:
• Does the company have a privacy policy?• Is the acceptable use of IT equipment defined in a policy (password guidelines)?• Does the company have an information security policy defined?• Are there confidentiality agreements between the company and t
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The Local Sectors That May Have A Hard One In 2021
as I write this, President Cyril Ramaphosa has moved the country into an adjusted level-3 lockdown with alcohol sales and onsite consumption thereof banned, a longer curfew and limits on gatherings including at restaurants, gyms, casinos and so forth
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Quiz & Crossword
1. True or False? South32 was spun out of Exxaro Resources in 2015. 2. South African Breweries (SAB) approached the courts to challenge the constitutionality of South Africa’s latest alcohol ban. Who is the CEO of SAB? 3. How much in government bailo