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or jazz fans, hearing loss can be as devastating as a chronic injury is to an athlete, because it makes it more difficult to enjoy what you love. It’s not unusual for middle-aged and elderly people to experience hearing loss comparable to the effect of draping a heavy blanket over your head—a situation in which even Coltrane won’t sound good. But a new product category called personal sound amplification products, or PSAPs, is making it easier and more affordable than

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2020 Reader's Poll
Charles McPherson Wynton Marsalis Diana Krall Kurt Elling Artemis Daniel Hersog Jazz Orchestra Immanuel Wilkins Ben Rosenblum Nebula Project Charles McPherson Jazz Dance Suites (Chazz Mack) Daniel Hersog Jazz Orchestra Night Devoid of Stars (Cellar)
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Rudy, Don’t Fail
If nothing other than John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme had been recorded there, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.’s Van Gelder Studio would still indisputably qualify as a jazz shrine. But that cornerstone album was only one of thousands cut within the spacious r
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Charles McPherson
I’m kind of a student of ancient history,” alto saxophonist Charles McPherson says. “I’m talking about Sumerian stuff, Mesopotamia, the Middle East: I go way, way back. Our whole notion of divinity, Western or Eastern, is all around that Fertile Cres