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New Zealanders are weathering with a great deal of patience the protracted uncertainties of a pandemic – but they shouldn’t have to endure uncertainty from political candidates.

Being in uncharted territory with Covid-19 doesn’t excuse our politicians from being vague or evasive about their intentions. It’s true that every election is a sort of sale of stolen goods. We’re never certain policy can be delivered. But it has never been more so

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Buoyant Byrne
DAVID BYRNE’S AMERICAN UTOPIA directed by Spike Lee If you saw David Byrne’s New Zealand performances on his American Utopia tour in late 2018, you might have thought that, as a concert, it was a once-in-alifetime kind of experience. This wasn’t just
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Accidental Tourists
One of the oddest events of World War II was that in 1941, a day’s flight to Auckland turned into the first circumnavigation of the world by a commercial aircraft. The aircraft that managed this feat was the Pacific Clipper, belonging to Pan American
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Street Cred
Coronation Street arrived on British screens on December 9, 1960, and it’s never left. It wasn’t until 1964 that the soap started establishing itself as an institution on New Zealand television. But in the past two decades, viewing numbers have decli