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Win some, lose some

Sport is a barometer of normality. The fact that the Bledisloe Cup match in Wellington on October 11 will be the All Blacks’ first outing for almost a year is a sign of the abnormal times.

Barring another Covid spike, it will take place before a sell-out crowd and in a celebratory atmosphere. There will be, one

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Diary Of A Plague Year
The global pandemic has been a boon for book sales in New Zealand, and local books in particular. Kiwis have spent some $100 million on print books this year so far. And although the $97 million we paid by the end of October is down 6.5% compared wit
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Readers were asked to create an acrostic poem about Donald Trump, including the word orange. Kate Highfield of Hastings: Donald by name, despot by nature,Orange by colour, your talent is failure,Trash is your want, indeed your mainstay.Angst makes yo
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Going To Town
When a documentary crew started rolling their cameras in Waitara earlier this year, they soon discovered a gold mine of TV-ready talent waiting to be explored. “The characters were all there,” says Justin Hawkes, a co-director of Three’s new four-par