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When I first interacted with Delhi-based Noopur Singh, her story hit close to home. Being the daughter of a captain in the merchant navy, and with a partner in the same profession, I knew exactly what she was talking about even when she couldn’t express it in words. There was a sense of familiarity in her emotions. I couldn’t help but draw many parallels between her mommyhood journey and that of my mum’s—they’re both self-dependent women who shouldered both parents’ responsibilities in the absence of their spouse, and single-handedly ran the household, while also keeping their own sanity in check!

Our conversation was more like a much-needed girl talk. We exchanged notes and heartfelt emotions about dealing with being separated from our partners by oceans and continents, and the unparalleled joys of awaited reunions. Although I’m far from reaching that stage in my own life, there was a lot that I could learn from this modern-day sailor wife and mum. Read on as Noopur revisits the highs and lows of her parenting journey, all the while, transforming the lows into her strengths...


I met my husband Milap, who is a chief officer in the merchant navy, through mutual friends. Even as we started dating, I knew that this was no ordinary relationship, and that we’d have to spend a sizeable time apart. Given the nature of his job, he was sure, and a year later, we were married.

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