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Tap into your intuition

As a trained intuition coach, I like to think of intuition as the wise, guiding voice within that tells us to chase after our wildest dreams – whether to move halfway around the world, start that creative business you’ve been drawn toward for so long, or just live each day with more simplicity.

You’ve probably felt that inner nudge or spark that accompanies intuition. It may be a feeling, an energy or a moment of inspired insight. But at its core, tuning into your intuition is simply the act of listening to your body and the whispers of your heart.

Tapping into intuition

We’re all born with intuition and have the ability to refine this skill throughout our lives.

Most people receive intuition through a primary sense called a “clair” sense. You may have heard this term in the context of psychics and clairvoyants, but if you’ve noticed the feeling change in a room after an argument or sensed the emotion in the text of a letter, you are using your clair senses. To identify your strongest

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