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There are two common pearl sugar varieties: Belgian and Swedish. The sugars differ primarily in pearl size. Belgian offers a bigger granule, which can handle higher heat and maintains its shape better. It is often mixed into doughs and batters where it can melt or caramelize, like in our Suikerbrood or the classic Liège waffle. Swedish pearl sugar is smaller and used mainly as a topping or garnish, like for our Swedish Cinnamon Buns. Despite their differences, they are both equally impressive. We find using Lars Own pearl sugar yields excellent results.

Buy Lars Own Belgian Pearl Sugar and Lars Own Swedish Pearl Sugar at or at specialty food stores.


Makes 1 (9-inch) cake

Coffee cake meets fruitcake in a chic rendition of flavors. Dried cranberries, candied orange, and candied ginger get a luxurious bath in fragrant brandy while spices reminiscent of the holidays infuse the silky batter. We swapped out the usual sour cream for tangy crème fraîche to create an extra-elegant crumb. To top it all off, Swedish pearl sugar adds a surprise crunch to the crispy streusel that will have your cup of coffee begging for more.

1 cup (210 grams) brandy

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