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IN THIS TRANSFIXING FILM, Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) plunges us into the mind of Shirley Jackson, one of the greatest American horror and mystery writers of the 20th century. Director Josephine Decker takes an imaginative and eerie approach
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‘I Was Brave And Honest About What I Wanted’
I DECIDED TO MAKE a change when I turned 30. I’d fallen into recruitment for a global retailer but my passion was marketing and social media. Changing careers can be easier within the same company – when you’re already on the payroll, it’s easier to
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Wild Words
I LEFT THE small patch of green outside my kitchen window to its own devices earlier this year. The grass grew tall and dandelions and daisies filled every space. Spiky nettles stood guard like sentries. One morning, I noticed a rainbow chaffinch gob