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Create The Life You Want
Hello! I’m Suzy Walker, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Psychologies’. I’m a career coach and author of ‘Making The Big Leap’ and ‘The Big Peace’. Not only have I changed careers three times myself, I’ve helped thousands of people make the shifts they desired. I
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Dinner’s In The Oven
Whether you’re an accomplished cook, just spreading your culinary wings or hoping to reignite your inspiration in the kitchen, we all need a repertoire of hassle-free dishes for when life is demanding. Forget juggling a hob full of bubbling pots and
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‘I Married My Skills With My Principles’
I WAS A PE TEACHER in a state school when I decided to set up an ethical cleaning business in 2012. I had spent 12 years in teaching, while simultaneously being involved in campaigning against human trafficking. I could see there was a way to empower