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Renaissance Woman
A new women’s Tour de France may finally be in the pipeline again, but it’s a long time since the Tour organisers ran anything of the kind. Those of us who followed cycling in the 1980s might imagine it’s not that distant, because that’s how the memo
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Winner Of The 1955 Paris-roubaix
I won Paris-Roubaix on Easter Day, which was always an auspicious day for me - I’d already won two races on Easter Day. That year, the weather was terrible, it was cold and rained. I had no plan at all in the morning that I was going to win. I knew I
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Van Der Poel Reigns Alone In Siena
The period between 1260 and 1355 was Siena’s golden age. The city grew to around 50,000 people and the significant architectural landmarks - the Duomo, and the gothic Palazzo Publicco on the Piazza del Campo were built, giving the hilltop city the lo