Rain in Nice is not quite as rare as an autumn Tour de France, but the deluge which soaked the riders of the Tour and lubricated the roads of the Côte d’Azur on the first stage of the 2020 race summed up the atmosphere of incongruity which surrounded the grand départ of the 107th edition. Fourteen months previously, in a different era, the Brussels grand départ kicked off in a heatwave; for 2020, overcast skies washed the colour out of Nice and the Riviera.

It was miracle enough that the 2020 Tour, the covid Tour, was taking place at all. Plans of all sorts have been put indefinitely on hold through this year, so for the world’s biggest bike race to be running a mere nine weeks late felt like a dodged bullet. The usual festival

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Both editions of Strade Bianche were brilliant races, the best of the year so far. That’s reason enough to celebrate them - I could just sit back and enjoy two exciting races, though a note to the TV people: show much more of the women’s race already
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Four Top-five Finishes In The Last Decade
I think it’s the most heroic race of the year. It’s the most spectacular one as well and obviously it’s one of the most known in the world. It is so different and hard that everybody goes to their limit and over it. Even at the finish - I was just ta
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Raising The Intensity
Should women race the same distance as men? Put another way, would equalising distance validate women’s racing? Sit through the first half of a men’s race, especially a sprint stage, and the answer’s an unequivocal ‘no’, for the sake of our boredom t