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Switching off when WFH

illions of Brits are struggling to wind down due to the rise of tech use at home. Research by Bayfields Opticians shows it takes on average 37 minutes to switch off

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BEV CALLARD ‘I Suffer From Low Self-esteem’
Watching this year’s I’m A Celebrity, it might have been a surprise to see how different frightened Beverley Callard is from her feisty, outspoken Corrie alter ego Liz McDonald. One thing the 63-year-old actor has undoubtedly been worrying about whi
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Good For You!
Up to 17% of people in the UK are affected by irritable bowel syndrome, but help is available from your phone. The Zemedy app uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to address root causes and ease symptoms. (Free trial for seven days, with in-app p
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3 Ways To... Feel Confident
1 PUSH THROUGH SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS. Expose yourself to things that make you feel uncomfortable. This will build resilience and confidence. 2 LET GO OF THE NEED FOR CONTROL. When we feel in control, we’re not afraid. When we have a level of comfort